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The recipe.

We started with the recipe.

Not just any recipe.

Our family’s recipe.

A hundred year old recipe.

An authentic recipe.

Aditi Chai.

Chai some.

Aditi Master serving Chai at Pike Place Market

Aditi Master

Launches Aditi Chai at Pike Place Market Sunset Celebration 2018!

Aditi Chai is an authentic masala tea prepared from our concentrate to facilitate retail service of an authentic single cup Indian chai experience. Each concentrate batch is custom blended and scaled by Chef Aditi Master for wholesale purchase and use in cafés. The masala tea is prepared in batches in a small, yet pristine, commercial kitchen just minutes from downtown Seattle. The prized chai recipe has been with Aditi’s family for generations, and has origins in the most "foodie" of Indian cities, Surat. Prepared Aditi Chai is distinguished through its complex multi-layered flavors. Each sip brings with it an anticipatory fragrance bouquet, early and late flavor tones, and a warm feeling as it goes down. The tea is spice-filled, yet not spicy; sweetened though not sweet.

Our tea is blended from leaves sourced from the most exclusive Assam tea gardens in India. Our whole spices are selected with the assistance of a distribution cooperative representing Indian growers. These spices are ground just as needed to allow maximum flavor and fragrance expression. We slowly steep these spices with fresh herbs and ginger root sourced in local markets to build complexity before adding the tea. One delightful consequence of our approach is that each batch adopts subtle characteristics that allow drinkers to enjoy similar batch freshness (variability) to that which occurs when tea is prepared at home. While we deliver a very consistent experience, your customers would not find it natural for every single Aditi Chai cup to have identical taste.

"Authentic" is an important word at Aditi Chai. We present and share a genuine chai that is an honest expression of what we prefer to drink at home, and what our family has enjoyed for decades. While all of India may not drink this recipe on a daily basis, Aditi Chai could readily be served on any Indian street corner and equally confidently in the Indian Prime Minister's or American President's home with equally confident standing.



Seattle, Washington

Woodinville, Washington

Aditi Chai, based in Seattle, Washington, proudly prepares authentic masala teas and other Pacific NW foods at 21 Acres in Woodinville with locally sourced ingredients and innovative recipes informed and inspired by generations of genuine family foods.

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